KENILWORTH CAMPUS - A Look Back at 'Locks of Love'



CAPRI takes a look back over the past year and recognizes CAPRI Graduates of the Kenilworth Campus, Gina Calienni, Nancy David, Clelia Alfano, Christiane Thompson, Geeta Dharamshot and Sherline Phillippe - all whom volunteered their time and expertise during their Cosmetology training for the Locks of Love organization.  They all had participated in cutting hair to help raise awareness of a "look good, feel good" approach to improve the quality of life for children with hair loss conditions.  After the hair was shampooed and cut, it was then packaged and donated to Locks of Love.  The hair was used to make hairpieces for children surviving cancer.  Thank you to Karen Devigili, Luz M. Bruno, Kathy Fedorchak, Aida Creisstoff, Natalie Lefano, Lisa Flammer, Jasdeep Cheema and Rose Burns - all who compassionately shared their beautiful hair with so many children!


Karen Devigili, Haircut by Gina Calienni


Luz M. Bruno, Haircut by Clelia Alfano


Kathy Fedorchak, Haircut by Nancy David


Aida Creistoff, Haircut by Gina Calienni


 Natalie Lefano, Haircut by Malgorzata Wasowicz


Lisa Flammer, Haircut by Christiane Thompson


Rose Burns, Haircut by Sherline Phillippe 

Thanks Everybody! 

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