Blow Drying Contest Winners! - Kenilworth Campus

Kenilworth Campus- On June 30, 2010, Capri in Kenilworth held a Blow Drying Contest with great success.  The purpose of the competition was “to demonstrate the importance of satisfying the customer with a great blow dry and the need to invest in quality brushes to achieve that goal”, stated Ms. Espinal, one of the judges.   

The participants included both seniors and juniors, Ashley Monroy, George Guzman, Heather Canaan, Shaquwanna Abney, Samantha Ballance and Shonllease Brown from Ms. Moore’s and Ms. Cosby’s class.  After the judges explained what requirements they were looking for in a successful blow dry, the competition began.   Redken shampoos, conditioners and styling products were the prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.

Ms. Cosby said “all the students had a great time participating in the contest including the students who volunteered to be models”.  The judges, Ms. Espinal, Ms. Pascoe and Ms. Sonia had a very difficult time choosing the top three.  Shaquwanna Abney and her model Linda Chiriboga took 1st place, 2nd place went to Ashley Monroy and her model Suzy Oliveira, while George Guzman and his model Krystina Seegard proudly took home 3rd place. 


Junior Shaquwanna Abney (right) with her model Linda Chiriboga

THE WINNING TRIO – from the left –

Model Suzy Oliveira with senior contestant Ashley Monroy (2nd PLACE),

Model Krystina Seegard with senior contestant George Guzman (3rd PLACE), Model Linda Chiriboga with junior contestant Shaquwanna Abney (1st PLACE)

All models and competitors with junior cosmetology teacher Ms Cosby







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