Teacher Training


Many people appreciate the awareness that what you share with others, you will get back in return. One of the best examples of this concept is the act of teaching. Motivating, guiding and passing knowledge to another individual is a gift to each person involved. As an Instructor, you enhance many people's lives by teaching them the valuable lessons needed to become self-reliant and proficient within a learned field. Upon successful completion of CAPRI Institute's Cosmetology Program, you too can be on your way to this rewarding career by enrolling in our Instructor Training Program. The curriculum includes an overview of all Cosmetology courses (Hair, Skin & Nails) theory presentations, "how-to" demonstrations, practical training and teaching methods of vocational education. At CAPRI Institute, you will uncover the many choices within this profession where you will gain just as much as you will give:

  • Cosmetology Instructor
  • Barber Instructor
  • Skin Care Instructor
  • Nail Tech. Instructor
  • Instructor Training Educator